A Coda is a term used in music or literature. It refers to the final piece of a musical score, or the last chapter of a book or play, that brings together all the preceding themes into a "conclusion". In doing so, the coda "concludes" the whole piece with a greater sense of "balance and understanding".

We see ourselves as an organisation that brings together various parts of the supply chain that were traditionally separate, and then "creates balance" and "makes the parts whole and complete" and ultimately provide our customers with a greater level of "understanding" and a successful "conclusion" that exceeds expectations.

Overall, Coda is an innovative logistics company whose main aim is to reduce waste while exceeding customer expectations.

We do this by redefining the end to end cargo flows within the supply chain, consolidating freight and improving connectivity between transport modes and freight hubs.

We have the scale and capability across the export, import and domestic supply chains that allows us to bring this model to life and ultimately change the game in the New Zealand logistics industry.

Our purpose

1. Global Access icon

Global Access

New Zealand's distance to market and reliance on ocean freight services means that to maintain global competitiveness, we must better balance import and export flows to utilise bigger ships.

2. Domestic Efficiencies icon

Domestic Efficiencies

Our role is to consolidate cargo and connect supply chains to reduce waste and help increase utilisation of the domestic network.

3. Collaborative Thinking icon

Collaborative Thinking

We are working collaboratively to develop a freight owner network, to combine loads and to optimise cargo flows and then to create long term commitments to support investment.

our strategy

4. Intermodal Capability icon

Intermodal Capability

Our intermodal strategy links road, rail and ocean freight movements to support the big ship strategy, reduce waste and lower landside costs by coordinating container flows and consolidating cargo at freight hubs and key hub ports by using intermodal assets.

5. Landside Optimisation icon

landside optimisation

Through the central coordination of our significant freight volumes, we can design optimal customer supply chains by integrating flows, leveraging service partners and sharing assets. With our smart technology platforms we ensure our optimised solutions are scalable and sustainable.

6. Trusted Solutions icon

Trusted Solutions

Our strategy is to align disparate logistics flows into a common supply chain, while still understanding what matters to our customers. We ensure we see the experience through our customers eyes, to produce safe, effective, trusted and sustainable outcomes that exceed expectations.

our approach

7. Build Scale icon

Build scale

Coda is a cargo owner and manages 30 percent of containerised export flows around New Zealand. Coda is the largest mover of imports in the North Island and has long term relationships with major FMCG domestic distributors. This combined scale offers opportunities to think differently about the network and how product flows.

8. Develop Infrastructure icon

Develop Infrastructure

As we build our network, we look at the total pool of freight within our control, the broader asset base within the network and finally the total end to end cost profile. We then develop the best solution to meet each customer's requirement, while achieving maximum utilisation of the entire network.

11. Form Partnerships icon

form partnerships

While we bring considerable scale, we know that we cannot create new and innovative solutions by ourselves. We form strong partnerships with like-minded organisations. Our culture of trust and common values and ideals with our partners that mean we can be open, honest and challenging.

our mission

10. Connect People icon

Connect people

Every day our teams we are making choices to bring people together to explore new ways of working. We believe we can play a lead role in driving these changes, given our overall scale and the important roles that our customers play in the New Zealand supply chain. Every day these choices can make a difference to everyday New Zealanders.

11. Reduce Waste icon

Reduce Waste

When we make decisions everyday, we do not need to be satisfied with the status quo, or just consider the network we have in front of us. We can look beyond the normal boundaries and look for different ways to operate. By thinking differently we can reduce waste and by doing so have a positive impact on the network and the environment.

12. Create Value icon

Create Value

Making significant and sustainable change requires new thinking, new investment and it will inevitably require taking risks. But with risk comes reward, whether it be increased utilisation, lower costs, or better service. We believe in then ensuring that these risks and rewards are shared with all the partners who are involved in the process.