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From strength to strength

The story of Coda began with a simple but powerful imperative: find a better way forward. Those behind the company’s formation – an enterprising group of individuals at Fonterra, Kotahi Logistics and the Port of Tauranga Limited – realised that to stay competitive in the global shipping industry, they needed not only to up their game but to change it altogether. They recognised that a strategic amalgamation of individual businesses across New Zealand’s export, import and domestic supply chains would achieve multiple goals: increased efficiencies. Less waste. More sustainable processes. And by providing access to significantly more scale and capacity, exceptional service for their customers. Was this an ambitious vision? No question. But it was one they believed in.

Time line

The creation of Coda in 2015 marked a bold response to this challenge. Five leading logistics businesses – Tapper Transport, Priority Logistics, Metrobox, Metropack and DTL – were merged, bringing 3PL transport and warehousing, intermodal freight hubs, and 4PL freight management together into one cohesive whole: Coda Group. From this initial amalgamation grew an equally powerful network of supporting players. Today, strong strategic partnerships with organisations across the New Zealand logistics industry – from smaller family-owned transport businesses like Temuka Transport through to state-owned KiwiRail – support the Coda family of companies. This potent combination of experience and expertise across every level of business provides total shipping solutions and information services to customers worldwide. More specifically, it enables leaner, seamless, sustainable end-to-end logistics across the entire New Zealand landside and supply chain network, creating a synergy which has since become synonymous with the organisation. It also offers a perfect illustration of what Coda has come to do best: innovate and collaborate to find solutions that work for all.

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 What’s in a name?

Both Coda’s name and logo were carefully chosen to embody the company’s vision of harmonious integration. A coda is a musical or literary term which signifies a balanced summary or conclusion to a movement or composition. It thus offers the perfect metaphor for Coda’s over-arching goal: to provide a satisfying conclusion for its customers by uniting the various parts of the supply chain and streamlining business processes. Meanwhile, the logo conveys a sense of seamless movement that’s also in keeping with Coda’s intent. The arc itself represents New Zealand – its curve recalling New Zealand’s distinct geography – and the steady flow of imports and exports to the world; its three strands represent a road, rail, and sea, as well as domestic, import and export freight. It’s a powerful visual representation of cooperation and collaboration, as well as a reflection of what Coda continues to achieve: greater global access for its customers, grounded in a distinctively local approach.

 The meaning behind the momentum

Over the last seven years, Coda’s vision has crystallised into one clear purpose: smarter logistics together. To achieve this, we continue to work on developing the right strategies, building the best business processes, and drawing on the collective experience and expertise our unique history offers. And yet true transformation goes beyond even best business practices; taking our company forward also depends on establishing the right cultural framework to enable and support operational excellence. For Coda, this takes the form of three core values:

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Coda Values